31 May 2013

How to Root Sony Xperia Z on both Locked and Unlocked Bootloaders

Sony Xperia Z is the latest and by far the most promising Android Smart Phone by Sony. Rooting in Android is an act of accessing root user permissions which can be useful to install Apps that need root access and boost up the performance of your Android device.

Note that rooting may void your device warranty, So Try this at your own risk.

The following rooting method applicables for both unlocked and locked bootloaders. Refer this XDA thread to unlock and re-lock the bootloader of Sony Xperia Z.



follow the steps sequentially
  1. You need to increase screen timeout to 10 mins : Settings >> Display >> Sleep >> 10 mins
  2. Enable USB Debugging mode Settings >> Developer options >> Enable and Settings >> Developer options >> USB Debugging (check the option)
  3. Enable install from “unknown sources” option : Settings >> Security  >> Unknown source (check the option)
  4. Save the rooting tool kit (.zip file) mentioned above in C drive (C:\) and Extract it there itself.
  5. Quit applications like PC Suite, PC Companion, Flashtool, etc. as they will interfere with the rooting process.
  6. Now Connect your phone to PC and run “runme.bat” file from the extracted folder (step 4)
  7. Wait for few seconds till you get the option “press the button to restore the data in your phone”
  8. Now do not down your Phone screen, it will start an App automatically and Select Restore data.
  9. You will see the message “if Restoring data is complete” in command prompt
  10. Now open your phone and dial this number *#*#7378423#*#*
  11. Select the option “Service tests” in your phone operation
  12. Now select the option “Display”. Now the screen will turn white and few commands will be executed automatically.
  13. Now press the power button to turn off screen, wait for few seconds and press it again (repeat it a few times) and keep observing the command prompt for outputs
  14. Finally you will see the messages like “transfer files to your phone part2“, “installing busybox,su,Superuser,etc…” & finally “Cleaning up
  15. Now your phone will automatically restart.
You just rooted your new Sony Xperia Z…Cheers.


  1. Spent HOURS on this - cannot get out of the white screen mode despite humpteen attempts

    1. i have exactly the same and cant seem to find out where this is adressed in XDA forums

  2. I have no "developer options" in my settings. Where can I find this?

  3. I have followed every step correctly but when I get to step 12. 'Now select the option “Display”. Now the screen will turn white and few commands will be executed automatically.' I press display, my screen turns white but no matter how long I leave it nothing happens and the opened bat file stays at 'executing /data/local/tmp/onload.sh ...' Tried starting over a few times but I run into the same problem.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, to the anonymous not having developer options, go into 'About phone', scroll down to 'Build number' and keep tapping it until you see 'No need, you are already a developer.' :)

    1. if you find a workaround please let us know

    2. I think it's because this root is for the versions previous to the update 10..3.1.A.0.244
      Hopefully they will make a way to root newer versions soon.

  4. For anyone with the white screen problem:
    The above method of jailbreaking doesn't work for firmware version 10.3.1.A.0.244 (the latest version).
    There's a number of sites that have recently made tutorials on rooting with the new version, I just read one by ibtimes.co and rooted mine with no problems. Good luck!


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