30 October 2013

10 Best Finance Apps for Android

1. Chase Mobile (Free)

Chase Mobile lets customers manage their banking 24/7 from their phones. View accurate account balances and viewing history, transfer funds between both savings and checking accounts, and make quick deposits no matter where you are. Search for the nearest Chase bank branch and ATMS. Connect with Chase representatives while on the go.

2. PayPal (Free)

Sending money is easy with PayPal Android app. It has the same basic features as other banking platforms, which include checking your balance and transferring funds. Take pictures of a check and add it to your savings or checking accounts for free. The "Local" function lets users connect with local merchants and pay them with PayPal. Financial information you add into your profile will always be safe and secure. Store owners will get paid directly and will receive a free card reader.

3. Bank Of America Mobile Banking (Free)

Bank of America Bank of America will help customers with their banking needs. Users can take pictures of a check and deposit it into your designated account. Push notifications sends users Bank of America alerts on branch closing, new merger etc. Get cash back in your account when you use your debit or credit cards for various purchases. If you owe someone money, send money by using an email address or mobile number.

4. Mint.Com Personal Finance (Free)

Mint.com lets users keep track of all their personal finance account in one place. Track spending, create a budget, and save more. Categorize transactions and see charts and graphs that show where you’re spending your money. If you lose your Android device, or misplace it, you can deactivate it from your profile.

5. GEICO App (Free)

Geico’s app allows users to manage their insurance while on the go. Users can view coverage information, discounts, pay bills, and view claims. In addition, users can also change their payment plans quickly and efficiently. Driver and vehicle information is available with a simple tap of the screen. Benefits of the app includes notifying roadside assistance without having to make a phone call. The accident guide will provide a step-by-step guide to help users record information from an accident scene, including photos. This app is only available for policyholders. 

6. Discover Mobile (Free)

Manage your Discover credit card account using Discover Android app. View your account information, manage rewards, and send money. Easily send money using Money Messenger by PayPal and set up your Cash PIN to retrieve cash from ATMs. Refer friends to Discover and earn more rewards.

7. Google Finance

Finance for Android allows users to stream real-time quotes. The app synchronizes with your Google Finance portfolios, gives access to charts and view market and company news.

8. Google Wallet

Google Wallet keeps all of your credit and debit cards safe and secure. Users can use any credit card from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover with the app. Make in-store purchases by tapping your phone. Payment information will be transmitted via NFC. Google Wallet has its own pin, so if you lose your phone, you can disable your mobile wallet.

9. USAA Mobile

USAA Mobile USAA mobile allows users to access accounts from their mobile device. Users can pay bills, transfer funds, send money, track spending, and get quotes and market news. Members can deposit checks, report a loss, and use the loan calculator.

10. E-Trade Mobile

With E-Trade Mobile for Android, users can stream real-time quotes, and manage accounts. Monitor brokerage accounts, place trades for stocks, and create watch lists from your phone. Deposit checks, quick transfer cash, and watch live CNBC video and video on demand.

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