7 February 2014

Antibody Boost - Android Game Review

“Pew pew… pew pew” goes the anti-bacteria gun which you unleash to KILL.  You are the final defence of your immune system that will destroy all invaders in order to protect your body.  Increase your reaction speed, improve your reflexes and focus your mind to annihilate the waves of germs, bacteria and flu viruses…

Objective: Destroy all to survive.


You’re in an enclosed area which is your screen minus the corners and edges (Think of a gladiator arena on your screen). You only have one weapon at your disposal to shoot down various types of foes. Tap anywhere to shoot and tap with two fingers to boost away from tight spots.  Your enemies will approach you by first spawning anywhere on the edge of your arena and the fun part is how to kill each foe as effectively and efficiently as possible.  The more you exterminate, the higher the score you gain and this is used to compete with other people around the world! But the best part is yet to come…

When you are hit by a projectile or if you make contact with the enemy, you will instantly switch on your final weapon, self destruct – this is the time where you use your dash ability to smash as much as possible, but you don’t have long as it will last less than a second.  Hence the phrase “self destruct”… you will die and your score will be set. No worries, just simply press play and you’ll be back into this addictive and exhilarating game.

There may be no story to follow up all this epicness but your immune system speaks for itself in your biology class of white blood cells (without the guns).  However if you haven’t gotten to that point in your science lessons then you should play this game to gain a vivid image of what actually goes on inside!  The graphics aren’t crisp enough to gain that perfect score but that’s okay, who needs clean graphics when you’re an antibody blowing up all different kinds of infectious diseases every, single, tap of the way.

Rating 4/5: Antibody Boost is Epic and Addictive. It’s unfortunate that the rather odd controls which will most likely send you charging to your death!

Antibody Boost Tips and Tricks:

  • Each enemy has a particular movement speed and pattern (generally walking towards you).  So using this you can selectively destroy the worst ones thus leaving you time to slowly take out the easy enemies.  From what we’ve found, shooters should be destroyed first.  Though the big fat slugs look bad they’re actually slow and easy to clear.
  • A bubble will form where the enemies appear, and using this you can gauge what type of virus is appearing.  If you know how many shots they need to die then you can wipe them out almost as soon as they appear.
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