2 February 2014

Best Moto G cases to buy 2014

Looking for the best Motorola G cases to buy? We pick six of the best to keep the brilliant budget Android phone safe, secure and looking boxfresh for as long as possible.

The Motorola Moto G is one of the hottest phones of the moment. We normally say that about mobiles that cost £500, but this time around it’s different.
The Moto G costs just £100-150, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your best to keep it in good nick. A case, and maybe even a screen protector, is the way forward.

As you won’t find all that many Moto G cases on the high street – it’s popular but it’s no iPhone 5S – we’ve put together a list of some of the cases we think you should check out. They include replacements for the back cover, flip-style cases and the more traditional rubbery skins that are made for just about every phone under the sun.

We’ve kept this budget sensible this time too, with all of our picks available for under £30. Dig in.

Motorola Moto G Shell

Key features:

    Plenty of colours
    Low Price
    Just like the original shell

This should be the number one stop for most Motorola Moto G owners. The Motorola shell for Moto G is a plastic battery plate that’s identical to the one you get with the phone. If you’ve bashed up your mobile already, this is one way to give it a bit of a refresh.

Motorola also makes the shell in a bunch of different colours too – white, yellow, blue, green and others. The best bit is the price. This official shell costs just £9 online, making it about the same price as a fairly cheap third-party case.

Price: £9

Motorola Moto G Flip case

Key features:

    Screen protection
    Multiple colours
    Replaces backplate

The second kind of official Motorola Moto G you’ll find in the UK is the Flip case. This replaces the battery cover of your phone, and also provides a flip-over flap to keep your screen protected.

We think this is a pretty good option as the plastic screen surround is the most vulnerable part of the phone. It tends to get dented when in your pocket with keys and coins, and the Flip case gives it a degree of protection.

Price: £18.99

PDair Book and Flip Leather cases for Moto G

Key features:

    Made of real ‘South Korea cowhide’
    Stitched edges
    Includes belt clip

PDair makes cases for the majority of big-name phones. The two we recommend checking out for the Motorola Moto G are its leather ‘book’ and ‘flip’ style cases.

These have flaps that either open up to the top or the side of the screen – these are two different products. The phone is held in place with plastic grips, and there are cut-outs for the camera and the microUSB charge socket on the bottom of the phone.

Cases like this add a bit of bulk to your phone, but should give better impact protection than either of Motorola’s official cases.

Price: £12.99

Case-Mate Barely There

Key features:

    Low visual impact
    Low bulk
    White/pink/black shades

As we discovered in our look at the biggest Motorola Moto G problems, getting a case for the phone is a good idea. The non-replaceable plastic edges of the phone are just that bit too prone to damage.

However, if you want to make the phone seem like it doesn’t have a case on at all, the Case-Mate Barely There is a solid bet. It’s a rubber skin that comes in black, white and pink shades. And it protects the Motorola Moto G’s body without adding too much to its bulkiness or weight. It costs about £15 in the UK.

Price: £14.99

Orzly Fusion Case for Moto G

Key features:

    Transparent rear
    Adds little bulk
    Low cost

Plastic and rubber cases for phones are generally pretty similar, but the Orzly fusion takes a slightly different approach to most. It’s a bit like the bumper cases Apple made for the iPhone 5, with a black outer rubber part that protects the Moto G from impacts.

However, it also has a layer of acrylic on the back, which stops the rear of the phone from getting scratched. It’s transparent too, so the Motorola Moto G look is kept more-or-less in-tact.

It is not a luxury case, though, and does make the side controls – the volume buttons – a bit trickier to operate. On the plus side, it costs just £7, making it cheaper than one of Motorola’s replacement shells.

Price: £6.99

Otterbox Commuter for Moto G

Key features:

    Plastic/rubber construction
    Two-tone design
    Screen protector included

Otterbox is best-known for its seriously rugged Defender cases. However, if you want to keep your Motorola Moto G a sensible size, we recommend checking out its slightly more accessible Commuter line for Moto G.

It’s a case that is still designed to protect against impacts, with a rubber and plastic construction, but is not massive. It also significantly increases the grippiness of the phone thanks to its rubbery sides.

As with its other cases, Otterbox includes a screen protector with the Commuter, making its current £25 price easier to swallow.

Price: £24.99

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