17 February 2014

God of Blades - Android Game Review

God of Blades: A cutting edge game which is also beautifully stylised art  

It takes a lot to stand out from the crowd nowadays and every decent game has its distinctiveness – the general rule of thumb is that a game has to look good.  On AGR we’ve come across many games which are great eye candy, but none are truly as artistic as God of Blades.  This game rips out the frame of normal visualisations and immerses you into another realm.  On the one hand you have a swipe centric game whereby you’re slashing your way to victory and on the other hand your mind is being blown away by the artistic dialogues and 70s album art.

The game itself is amazingly simple:  Four different gestures will control your running king.  You have one block action and three different slashes which differ in terms of attack timing and how long they leave your player exposed.  A good parry can have you beheading your foe, but a badly timed swing could also lead to your own demise.  The special moves in the game are triggered by a button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.  Once the power is activated, then the sword’s abilities are used.  Herein lies the little titbit which keeps player coming back for more action.  As you play through the rounds – then you’re able to unlock different types of weapons which have unique attributes.

If we were being really honest then the main game mechanic isn’t really enough to keep a player captivated.  But the White Whale Games’ creative skill in literature also draws people in.  For those with patience then they’ll be able to see the deeper inner meaning… (whilst the uncouth like me would just skip through the scenes!)

The low down

Yes, it is a stunning game.  Yes, a lot of game review sites have raved on about it.  Yes, it does provide good excitement and, yes, it delivers instant action gameplay.  But is it worth buying?  If you have money to spare, then reward the developers upfront and then play the game.  But if you’re a tight fisted student… then this game probably isn’t for you.  An active player would complete the game less than a couple of hours and then would realise there are many other games out there which would have kept them occupied for much longer periods of time.

Rating 3.5/5 Although God of Blades is a true artistic masterpiece, it also has bugs littered throughout the game which detract from the experience.  It is a fun package, but unfortunately the four regions of fighting (in story mode) just aren’t enough to satisfy paying customers.

God of Blades Tips and Tricks

  • Unless you play the eternal runner game its not possible to unlock all the swords.  You only get to win about four swords from the story mode.  Therefore you need to put effort into picking the best sword.
  • We recommend you get the Starwind or the Void Cleaver.
  • The Void Cleaver will sap alot of damage from your opponents and its a great attack against bosses when you’re in a pinch and you need to finish the round quickly.
  • The Starwind is the other insanely good sword.  Its lightweight so you swing it faster and you can often get first strike against the computer.  The special power works perfectly if you land your hits successfully.
  • The Darkstar is a logical sounding sword and it probably good in the Eternal mode.  But as general usage its too slow and clunky so you’ll rarely get first strike.
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