7 February 2014

Luminus - Android Game Review

Luminus: Original puzzle gaming which will enlighten you!

If you’re looking for fun, challenging and free games, then Luminus is one to add to the list.  The Endless Cat developers have laid out a series of puzzles which will have you flexing your brain cells.


Colored crystals emit beams of light and you need to reflect them into detectors.  Each level has a range of objects on the table and you need to place and orientate the mirrors correctly in order to get the light path correct.  So this is almost like those old Physics lessons where you’re learning about light… but this is way more colorful (… and there’s no annoying lab coat man ordering you about!).

Of course just controlling the path of light isn’t enough to make this a difficult game, so the detectors will only charge up if the correct color of light is exposed to it.  The primary colors are given to you first and as you progress through the levels you’ll need to use the filters and mixers to make the blend you need.  Don’t worry if you can’t remember your colorwheel… this isn’t an art test and it’s always in the top left hand corner for you to refer to!  Once the detectors are charged up then the level is complete and you’ll get scored.

Scoring is a huge part in this game

For every pivot of your objects it’ll cost you 10 points, and every cell movement will cost you 100 points. Only if you can complete the rounds with particular scores will you be able to earn the prestigious three star/flash awards.  This feature is very important because playing each level with trial and error is actually pretty easy, but to do it such that you get the maximum marks will really get you thinking and test your ability.

Original gameplay

These Endless Cat developers have really surprised me with this app.  It’s truly unique and it’s almost as though some Physics geeks had so much fun in the lab with their light projects that they decided to turn it into a game.  As well as applying well grounded normal Physics, it also goes beyond the realms of reality because there are black beams which will absorb your light paths. There are even more gizmos in the game but we’ll leave this for you to find out…

Gut feel

This is definitely one game to keep on the phone.  There’s a huge amount of free content which is unlockable if you can three star the rounds.  I’m a puzzle elitist freak that likes to play with Rubix cubes, so Lumius is definitely up my alley… and I’ll try to three star each round right at the beginning.  The only negative I could point out is that the gentle music becomes tedious very fast!

Rating: 4/5 Superb and original puzzle game which will make your brain exercise.  The logic tests are fun and the tricky puzzles will give you the satisfaction when you solve them.

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