9 February 2014

Toy Defense - Android Game Review

Toy Defense: Feast on this bird’s eye view tower defense!  If you’re familiar with Balloon Defense and enjoyed it then don’t  miss out here!


In your average tower defense games you simply build, upgrade and destroy.  Soon enough you become bored and you fast forward knowing that you’ve achieved maximum domination… you have the game in the palm of your hands whilst the enemy units are barely crossing half the map.  However, Toy Defense is different here – it features an original idea whereby you upgrade your defense system outside of the battle. Improving your facilities outside enables you to upgrade your towers within the warzone. In other words, your towers will remain weak unless you develop them outside of warfare.

You also get special abilities which can save you in tight spots, like repairing all towers for free, or reviving your defeated units.  These fancy skills make the game that little bit more interesting, but don’t assume you can abuse these abilities because these have to be bought outside of battle.  You’re only given three to start off with, and you have to decide whether you want to spend your points on these abilities or upgrading your towers.

Never underestimate your enemy

Your towers have life bars, and unless you repair or upgrade them, they will be bombed to smithereens, thus leaving behind a grave stone which will obstruct you from building.  Make sure you’re alert when you hit that fast forward button… it is FAST.  If you look away for a moment then you can lose all your towers around your enemy’s route.  It’s almost as if your fingers have to move three times as fast because you’re forced to repair continuously.  This makes the game really challenging so don’t get cocky and hit that fast forward button or else your game will turn into a complete mess when you can’t keep up!

100 lives for gold

Most gamers will consider this immensely difficult, but those who strive to reach that 100%, that gold badge, that perfection, will welcome this with open arms.  It’s undoubtedly easy to pass the game with flying colours of silver and bronze, but to achieve gold is a hideously difficult task.  The loss of just one person can lose you your trophy, so imagine this: you get single stray enemies crawling along the map throwing grenades at you… the enemy trucks which are loaded with troops explode sending their platoon out into the open.  So you have to focus fire down on the squad, but to make things worse, the enemy tanks are still in motion like they’re invincible!  In the late game, either the computer or the game designers really hate you because they unleash mob after mob of units in your face making it almost impossible to surpass.

Game Stylisation

It’s a military themed tower defense game, which features soldiers, trucks, and tanks. As for air units, you have what looks like bombers from the sky. Your towers include troops that physically turn themselves into miniature battery guns, flame throwers, and you can buy the strongest defense unit (a tank).  Then there are the cursory anti-air cannons too. What I really like is the military march intro music, it’s up-beat, cutish in a way and extremely catchy as well.  Overall it really does energise the player… (I’m starting to tap my feet already!)

Some control issues

You have 24 levels to play and each level is a large piece of land where you navigate via touch controls of swiping left and right, zooming in and out via pinching with two fingers. However the main problem is that you need to be very precise when tapping on the unit you want and you need to be careful whilst selecting the option to either upgrade/repair /sell a unit.  The buttons are impractically small for even my own not-so-chubby fingers.  Playing on a bigger screen would help but without that option it’s just discouraging when your intentions are to repair the tower above instead of the one below, thus leading to the death of the tower above…

4/5 Rating: Toy Defense is a satisfying game that emits blissful joy right from the start. The awesome challenge and thrill you get when you push the fast forward button is fantastic.  Personally I find the unique and original gameplay makes this great to play, and it’s an essential “must have” in your download history. Furthermore, it’s free!  The only reason I deducted a point from perfection was simply due to the controls but that can easily be forgotten when you’re completely immersed in the game!

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