3 October 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks

When the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer updates its top model, you expect something special, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 does not disappoint. It has all the features and functionality you could possibly want, and a little more. To help you get to grips with it without having to experiment or read a manual, we’ve prepared some useful Samsung Galaxy S5 tips.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and Tricks

This list of Galaxy S5 tips and tricks will help users learn how to do more with the new Samsung Galaxy S5 without spending months looking through settings.

We’ve also uncovered several Galaxy S5 hidden features that take the user experience to the next level with great features that let you access settings faster, use an Xbox controller to play games, super charger the Galaxy S5 keyboard, use it as a remote viewfinder and even include a few Galaxy S5 features that could save your life.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is packed full of features that are hard to find and sometimes confusing to set up. In this guide of Galaxy S5 tips and tricks we go through the Galaxy S5 features that let users get the most out of the device.

Most of these Galaxy S5 tips and tricks do not require users to spend any additional money, but there are at lease two Galaxy S5 hidden features that will require a $2 accessory to make it work.

Many of these Galaxy S5 tips and tricks are specific to this phone, but we could see some of them arrive on the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 in software updates.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - How to transfer your old contacts

The most annoying thing about changing phones is having to make sure all your data has made it over from your old mobile. Just put the SIM in, log into your Google account and you’ll invariably find – in our experience – that it hasn’t.

There are a few ways to make up for the missing bits. First, if you don’t have your old phone anymore you can download the Facebook and Twitter apps. If you have accounts, you’ll be asked whether you want to merge contacts data – do this and you’ll get plenty of extra bits.

If you have your old phone handy, there is a more refined way, though. In the Contacts/People app of your old phone, go to the Settings menu and look for an option called merge contacts/account. This will sync all your contacts data with a Google Mail account. Then when you login on the new phone, it’ll all sync over. Exactly how this info will be presented depends on the phone you use and how its UI works.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Basic Mode

If you want the Galaxy S5 as your new smartphone, but need a simpler, less cluttered screen to find the apps and features that you’ll actually use Easy Mode is the answer. You can toggle Easy Mode on and off in the settings, making it a simple way to ease into a first time smartphone, and then open up more features when you are ready.

To get started go to Settings -> Easy Mode -> On. You can turn it off using the same directions and switch between the two modes whenever you want. This mode is designed for older users, but it’s perfect for any first time smartphone buyer.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Use the Galaxy S5 With One Hand

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a large smartphone thanks to the 5.1-inch 1080P HD display. For a number of users this is a little to big to use the phone with one hand while walking down the street or just typing out a message on the screen while sitting on a couch having a drink.

With this on you can move the usable part of the screen around and make it smaller for easier use. Go to Settings -> One-handed operation -> on to get started.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Download Faster with WiFi and LTE

The Samsung Galaxy S5 includes a Download Booster app that lets users combine WiFi and LTE at the same time to download large files faster. This is Galaxy S5 feature is not available on Sprint, Verizon or AT&T, because the carriers opted to remove it.

For users on T-Mobile or with an unlocked Galaxy S5 here’s how to use Download Booster. Go to Settings -> Download Booster -> tap on it to activate. This will combine WiFi and LTE for large downloads, but keep in mind this can use up mobile data much faster.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Automatically Switch Off WiFi When Signal Fails

The Galaxy S5 features a Auto-Switch mode that sounds similar to the Download Booster, but it is actually designed for users that are connected to bad WiFi.

Turn Smart Network Switch by going to Settings -> WiFi -> Check Smart network switch. This will allow the Galaxy S5 to switch to cellular signals when WiFi fails, without the user turning WiFI off. This can lead to more data usage, but is worth it for some users.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - How to uninstall apps

The Galaxy S5 comes with loads of apps pre-installed, but it handily makes uninstalling most of them very easy. You get get rid of just about everything, and can even disable apps that you can’t traditionally install, like Google Mail.

Doing so is dead easy. Just go to the apps menu, then tap the three-dot icon at the top-right of the screen. This will bring up a menu with the Uninstall/disable apps option. Tap it and you’ll see a minus icon over just about every app aside from real core ones like the camera. These let you get rid of apps.

While Samsung has a bad rep for loading up its phones with bloat, you can give the Galaxy S5 an extreme clear-out if you want.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Hiding apps you don’t use

If you want to hide apps but not totally delete them, you can do that too. It’s a good solution if there are apps you need but only very occasionally use, or if there are some apps you don’t want people to know about you having. Wink Wink etc.

Hiding apps works much like uninstalling them. Go to the apps menu and tap the three-pip icons at the top-right, then select Hide Apps in the menu that pops up.

Unlike uninstalling apps, you can hide absolutely any app on your Galaxy S5. Hiding all the apps on a friend’s S5 would make a pretty good prank. To reveal the hidden apps, you just need to head back into the app screen menu, then tap Show Hidden Apps. It appears whenever you have any apps hidden.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Closing all running apps

There’s a very easy way to close all running apps in the Galaxy S5. Tap the multi-tasking button (the left soft key) and then tap the button with the cross – at the bottom-right of the screen. This will close all apps.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - How to limit background processes to speed up the phone

One of the ways to improve day-to-day performance when you have Developer Mode enabled is to limit the number of processes that are allowed to run in the background. To find out how to get the additional developer tools, check out the advanced section below.

You’ll find the Limit Background Processes option right down at the bottom of the Developer Options menu in Settings.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Quicken-up/get rid of animations

Another way to speed up the feel of your phone is to quicken-up or get rid of animated transitions between screens. Again, you’ll find this option in the Developer Options menu of Settings once you’ve enabled developer mode.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Using folders

Samsung offers a third way to clean up your Samsung Galaxy S5’s app inventory – folders. As you’d expect, these are little icons that hold multiple apps. Tap on them and they spill their contents.

They’re used on home screens not the apps menu, though.

To create a folder, hold a finger down on an app icon for two seconds, then drag it up to the Create Folder entry that should pop up at the top of the screen. This will make a folder for the app on your home screen. To add apps to the folder, just hold a finger down on them for a couple of seconds, then drag the icon into the folder. Simples.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - How to make your own Galaxy S5 wallpaper

You can make any image the background of your phone, within the Gallery/Photos app. To use a photo as the wallpaper, go to the Gallery app, find the photo then tap the three-pip icon at the top-right of the screen.

This will bring up a long sub-menu, in which you’ll find a Set as option. Tap this and you’ll see options to set it as your home and lock screen wallpapers. You’ll also have the opportunity to crop the photo.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Get another interface entirely

Custom launcher apps let you provide your phone with a completely new look, without any kind of hacking or risk of bricking your phone. These are worth checking out if you really don’t like the way TouchWiz looks or feels.

Top custom launchers to check out include Dodol Launcher, Facebook Home and Go Launcher EX. However, our favourite is the Google Now launcher. Previously you had to 'hack' it into your phone a bit, but now you can get it directly from Google Play for more of the Nexus vibe.

Once you’ve installed one of these, you’ll be asked which you want to use when you press the central Home button.

Select ‘Always’ when picking one of these and it’ll be used by default until you change this in the Default Applications bit of Settings.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - You can customise the interface font

TouchWiz lets you change the font used by the system, which is a way to completely alter the way your phone looks. You’ll find the font selection tool in Settings > Display > Font.

The Galaxy S5 comes with a handful of fonts installed as standard, but most of you wouldn’t want to use any of them bar the standard one. There is a download button down at the bottom of this screen to let you download more, but this takes you to the Samsung Apps store, where you have to pay for fonts.

Instead, go to Google Play and search for ‘fonts’. There are plenty of apps that offer reams of different fonts for free, and once the fonts are installed they will show up within the Galaxy S5’s fonts menu. Hey presto, free fronts.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - You can customise the LED indicator behaviour

You can’t choose the exact colours the Galaxy S5’s notification LED uses, but you can choose the events that fire it up. The most obvious use here is to get rid of the red charge LED signal when charging, which some people find annoying.

You’ll find is menu in Settings > Display. It’s called LED Indicator, and it lets you choose to have the LED when charging, at low battery, when there are notifications and when voice recording.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Use Air View

The Samsung Galaxy S5 uses a small sensor to detect when your finger is hovering over the screen. If Air Gesture is turned on you can see more details about a calendar entry, see a bigger preview of a photo or even a contact while dialing. This is a handy feature for some users, and a gimmick to others, but it is worth a try.

To get started go to Settings -> Air View -> On. This will turn the feature on and show you where you can use it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Switch from iPhone or Android to the Galaxy S5

Odds are the Galaxy S5 is not your first smartphone. If you are switching from iPhone or Android there is an app that will automatically pull in most of your information, photos and data easily.

Download the Smart Switch app from Google Play to switch from Android or another Galaxy smartphone to the Galaxy S5 without plugging in to a computer. Or if you are switching from the iPhone to Galaxy S5 you can import your information from iCloud or plug in to switch from an iTunes backup.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - How to check you have the latest software update

These days phones invariably let you know when a software update pops up, and usually nag you about it until you give in and install it. But you can also check for yourself.

Go to the Galaxy S5’s Settings menu, flick down to About Device and in this menu select the top item – Software Update. Here you’ll see an Update Now option. This searches for any new (or downloaded) updates and prompts you to install them.

The general recommendation is to make sure you have backed-up any valuable data before updating. If we’re honest, we don’t always do this. But, hey, it’s your risk.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Make Galaxy S5 Battery Life Last for Days

There is an Ultra Power Saving mode on the Galaxy S5 that turns the screen black and white and limits app access while still letting you make calls, send texts, use the internet and other features. This is designed to help you make even a 5% of the battery last all night when you can’t get to a charger.

With 30% battery life the phone can last almost 5 days in standby. To use this go to Settings -> Ultra Power Saving -> On and the system will switch over in a few seconds.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Use Galaxy S5 Buttons The Right Way

There is one physical button with three functions and two touch screen style buttons with two features each.
Here’s what each Galaxy S5 button does, so you can do more with the Galaxy S5.
  • Home Button Once – Home
  • Home Button Hold – Google Now
  • Home Button Double Tap – S Voice
  • Back Button Once – Go back
  • Back Button Hold – Turn on Multi-Window Mode
  • Multitasking Button Once – Open multitasking menu
  • Multitasking Button Hold – Acts as a settings button.
This is a nice change from the Galaxy S4 and Note 3, and allows users to do more faster on the Galaxy S5. The home button is also a fingerprint reader.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Quick Access to Galaxy S5 Settings

If you are constantly toggling settings on the Galaxy S5 this tip will save you loads of time every day. Instead of pulling the notification drawer down with one finger and then tapping on the settings icon or scrolling through quick settings pull own with two fingers.

This will take you right to the settings drawer in the notification area. From here you can tap once on any setting to turn it on or off. You can also tap and hold to go to the settings for that option. Tap on the pencil icon in the upper right ot change the settings you show and include recommended apps in the notification drawer if you want them.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Use S Finder to Search the Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S5 includes a tool called S Finder that can search your Galaxy S5 for apps, content, contacts and more. This is an easy way to quickly find something on your phone.

Go to the quick settings and tap on S Finder to launch this. Start typing to start searching. Press the menu icon in the upper right to quickly add filters for time or type of content. If you are in the main settings you can also use search to find the setting you want by tapping on the search magnifying glass.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Use a USB Drive with the Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 supports a USB drive as external storage which makes for an easy way to carry a bunch of movies or large files that you only need occasionally. This is also a handy way to get data from a computer to the Galaxy S5.

You’ll need a $2 USB OTG cable and a flash drive. Plug both in to the Galaxy S5 and My Files will automatically open and let you start playing movies or accessing files.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Using USB 3.0

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the few phones with USB 3.0, which is why it has the funny port at the bottom instead of the usual microUSB one. It’s a neat feature, but you can’t just use it as normal and get the best out of it.

You need to use it with a USB 3.0 port on a PC or laptop. These are often coloured in blue (the inside bits), although increasingly they just look like normal USBs. To find out if your laptop has USB or not, the quickest way to do so is to look up its specs on the internet.

What does USB get you? It makes transferring files quicker and speeds-up USB charging. You’re still better off using a proper power socket, though.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Unlock the Galaxy S5 with a Finger

The Galaxy S5 home button includes a fingerprint reader that allows users to unlock the phone with a swipe.

In addition to unlocking the Galaxy S5 this can also allow users to make mobile payments with PayPal and can hide files in Private Mode.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - How to improve fingerprint scanner reliability

The fingerprint scanner of the S5 can be a bit hit and miss, but there are ways to make its reliability a bit better.

If you’re having a nightmare with the scanner, first try recalibrating it. If the 10-go calibration doesn’t end up working every time, the phone clearly isn’t getting a good enough read of your finger. You'll find the calibration option in Settings > Finger Scanner.

The key to getting a good swipe is keeping your finger/thumb flat across the surface until the end of your swipe.

It is also worth considering that you can teach the phone a side swipe of your thumb as well as a straight-down finger swipe. So you can teach the phone the same digit from multiple angles.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Use the Galaxy S5 Hotspot

The Samsung Galaxy S5 can act as a personal hotspot that connects other devices like a laptop, portable game system or a tablet to the internet. This is included in many shared plans, but is an additional fee for others.

To get started you will need to go to Settings -> Tethering and Wi-Fi Hotspot -> Mobile Hotspot -> On. Tap on the Mobile Hotpot and then tap on the settings icon in the upper right to change the network name and password.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Vibrate When Picked Up for Missed Alerts

If you want a small notification that you missed a call, text or other notification while the phone sat on a desk, this handy Galaxy S5 tip will make the phone vibrate when picked up so you know to check. Go to Settings -> Motions and gestures -> Smart alert -> On.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Answer the Galaxy S5 by Picking it Up

The Galaxy S5 sensors know when you pick the phone up and place it next to your head and can automatically answer a call so you don’t need to spend the time tapping on answer if your hands are full or you are busy. Go to Settings -> Motions and gestures -> Direct call -> On. 

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Keep the Galaxy S5 Display On When Looking at it

The Galaxy S5 features a sensor that can detect when you are looking at the device. This handy feature can keep the display on while you are reading, looking at photos and using the device. To make sure this is open the quick settings with a two-finger pull on the notification drawer and tap on Smart Stay. As long as the phone detects your eyes the display will stay on.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Use Air Gestures and Smart Pause

If you like controlling your phone without touching it, or with a little motion this Galaxy S5 hidden feature is one that is exciting. Go to Settings -> Motion and Gestures -> Toggle on Air Browse.

With this on you can wave your hand across the display to go up or down a web page and you can use it to move through images or control song playback.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Use Galaxy S5 Multi-Window Mode

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Multi-Window mode lets users put two apps on screen at the same time to use them. This is a form of multitasking that is very useful. To get started go to Settings and tap on Multi-Window and choose On.

You need to tap and hold the back button to toggle Multi-Window mode on then you can drop an app on the top or bottom of the phone to start using two apps at the same time.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Use the Galaxy S5 With Gloves On

The Samsung Galaxy S5 features a high touch screen sensitivity option that lets users control the phone even with gloves on. Pull down on the notification drawer with two fingers then tap on Touch Sensitivity to enable this mode. Just be careful with it as it may now work in your pocket and could unintentionally call emergency numbers or contacts.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - 8 Galaxy S5 Camera Tips and Tricks

The Galaxy S5 features a fast focusing 16MP camera on the back and a new camera interface that will help users take the best looking photo automatically.
To use these make sure you tap on the mode and choose shot and more.
  1. Live HDR – see what HDR looks like on the screen before you take the photo.
  2. Drama Shot – show action as a user or object moves across the screen.
  3. Best Face – pick the best looking face for the subject.
  4. Eraser – Remove unwanted objects or people from a photo
  5. Panning Shot – Show motion on a moving subject by blurring the background.
  6. Dual Camera Mode – Use the front and rear camera at the same time to be in the photo.
Another cool feature is Selective Focus, but you need to pick this from settings and line up the shot right.

With this on you can pick the focus after the shot to blur a background for dramatic effect.

You can also turn on Burst mode in the same settings area to hold the shutter and take a lot of photos very fast. This helps capture one perfect photo for fast moving subjects.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - How to take low-light photos quicker

The Galaxy S5 has a great low-light mode that makes taking photos at night without a flash pretty easy. However, it does take a good few seconds to take a photo.

This is because something called Picture Stabilisation is enabled. It’s an alternative to real optical image stabilisation, and merges a bunch of shots to improve low-light performance.

To turn it off, press the cog Settings icons to the bottom-left of the screen and tap the picture stabilisation entry that pops up. Without stabilisation your low-light photos will be a bit noisier.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Customising the cameras app interface

One of the neatest parts of the camera app is that you can choose which mode switches sit on the far-left side of the screen.  To swap them out, hold a finger down on the current mode to make the mode menu pop up.

Then just drag the switch you want to the left bar - you can keep up to three here. We recommend putting HDR there, along with perhaps the flash switch and filter selector. There’s no real need to have three, though.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Getting photos off your phone

Getting photos off your phone is something people seem to do more and more rarely as the years pass, but the Galaxy S5 camera is actually able to capture photos worth printing out – it’s worth considering.

The Galaxy S5 lets you email your photos pretty easily. Go to the Gallery app, tap the icon that looks like the outline of a triangle with three little nodes in it and you’ll see the list of places you can ‘share’ your photo. Gmail is one of them.

Alternatively, to transfer a whole bunch of photos at once you’re better of doing so over USB. When plugged into a PC, your Galaxy S5’s storage will just show up as a disk drive. If you use a Mac, you’ll need to download the Android File Transfer app to get access. Search for it online.

Once into the file system, go into the DCIM folder, then the Camera folder. Here you’ll see all your photos arranged. Just drag and drop them.

If you have screenshots you want to pull off, they’ll be in the Screenshots folder in Pictures.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - How to take a screenshot

Want to keep a record of something on-screen? It’s easy to do with a Galaxy S5. Just press the Home button and the power button at the same time and a white screen border will flash.

This means the Galaxy S5 has saved a screen image to your photo gallery.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Use a Remote Viewfinder on the Galaxy S5

If you are with someone that has another Samsung Galaxy S5 or an older Galaxy smartphone you can use the other phone as a remote viewfinder and control. With this enabled you can mount the Galaxy S5 on a tripod or hold it over an edge or across the room and see the viewfinder on the other device. You can then use the second device to take a photo and change settings on the Galaxy S5 camera.

You’ll need WiFi and NFC on to pair them using a tap on the back.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Use a Micro SD Card with the Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with 16 GB of storage in the US and almost 11GB is available to users, which is better than the Galaxy S4, but not enough for many users. Buy a 32GB or larger Micro SD card on Amazon and pop it in to store photos and videos on the Galaxy S5 and save that internal storage for apps.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Use an Xbox 360 Controller with the Galaxy S5

If you like to game on the Galaxy S5 you should buy a $2 USB OTG cable and an old wired Xbox 360 controller. With this adapter and a wired controller you can use the Xbox 360 controller to play games on the Galaxy S5.

You’ll need the wired version and this adapter cable, but there is no need to hack or root the Galaxy S5 to make this work.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Take Your Pulse on the Galaxy S5

There is a small pulse reader built-in to the flash area of the Galaxy S5. You can use it and the S Health 3.0 app to take your pulse and track it to see if there are changes over time and to see how your heart rate is at rest and during activity.

Open S Health -> Tap on Heart Rate -> place your finger on the flash area and wait for the result.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Track Workouts and Meals with the S5

The Galaxy S5 can play an important role in helping you get in shape with the S Health 3.0 app. This app can track your steps taken and other activity as well as the calories you consume to help you live a healthier life.

Open the S Health app and tap on the menu in the upper right to switch between areas. You can search for popular food items to automatically add them to your meals and can track exercise. The Gear Fit is not needed, but can simplify some of the tracking.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Use S Voice Without Touching the Galaxy S5

Samsung includes S Voice on the Galaxy S5 as a Siri competitor that can perform many actions. Normally you double tap the home button to access this S Voice, but you can set it up to respond to a command even when the display is off.

Open S Voice – Tap on the Settings icon in the upper right -> Choose Settings -> Voice Wakeup On -> tap on Voice Wakeup to set the wake up command.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Pop Up Video Player on the Galaxy S5

If you want to watch a video while you are doing something else you can enable the pop up video player from the Video app. This only works in the Samsung video app, so it won’t handle Google Play Movies.
Open the Video app, tap on the small pop-up video player button in the bottom right and the video will pop out and over your home screen. You can go into other apps and still use it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Fingerprints for PayPal Purchases

The Samsung Galaxy S5 features a fingerprint sensor that you can use with PayPal to make payments at local stores. There are a growing number of retailers that take PayPal in stores and with this setup you can pay with a swipe of your finger on your phone.

Go to Settings -> Finger Scanner -> PayPal then install FIDO Ready and link your PayPal Account. Register your fingerprints and you’ll be ready to make a payment when you go to a store like Dollar General, American Eagle or other places.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Secure Photos and Documents with Private Mode

The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with Private Mode, a feature that lets users lock some files behind their fingerprint to keep the details safe and a secret. Turn this on by Going to Settings -> Private Mode -> On.
From there you can follow the options on screen to Move items to private mode by tapping in settings or on a three dot icon in Gallery and other apps.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Activate the Galaxy S5 Emergency Mode

The Samsung Galaxy S5 includes an emergency mode that automatically extends your battery life, limits non-essential apps and offers an option to send your location by text message and fast access to a flashlight.

Hold your home button and turn Emergency mode on from the pop up. It will take a second and then you’ll see a mode. This will help keep the Galaxy S5 battery going as long as possible and still allow you to communicate when needed.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Turn on Severe Weather Alerts on the Galaxy S5

If you want to know when you will get bad weather you can turn on severe weather alerts on the Galaxy S5. Tap on the weather widget, then on the settings icon in the upper right and on Settings. Scroll down and tap on weather notifications and pick the time you want to be notified.

You can also go to the Geo News widget on the home screen, tap on it to turn the feature on and get alerts about wild fires and earthquakes

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Use Galaxy S5 Flash as Notification

If you want a bright alert when you get a phone call you can use the Galaxy S5 flash as an alert for incoming calls and alarms.

To do this go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Hearing -> Flash notification -> check the box. Keep in mind this will be very bright in some settings.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Use the Galaxy S5 as Your Wallet

If you download Google Wallet from the Google Play Store you can carry all of your credit and debit cards on the Galaxy S5 and switch between them as needed. The app guides you through the setup process, and once it is complete you can tap your Galaxy S5 where you see a PayPass icon and make a payment. This is possible at many grocery stores, vending machines, McDonald’s and many other places.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Use the Galaxy S5 as a Remote Control

There is a small IR port in the top of the Galaxy S5 that lets users control an HDTV, cable box and other components with the phone. This is one of the most used Galaxy S5 tips for many owners.

Go to Apps and pick Smart Remote. Follow the setup steps listed to personalize your channels and favorite programs as well as connect your HDTV and other home theater parts to get started. You can use this to control all types of  devices and brands and the smart app recommends shows you might like.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Customize the Galaxy S5 Lock Screen

It is possible to customize the Galaxy S5 lock screen to see what you want to know when you look at the phone and to display an owner message or more. Go to Settings -> Lock screen and then you’ll be able to change many options.

You can pick how you want to lock the phone, when you want the lock to turn on, adjust the clock size, camera shortcut and even display Owner information on the display in case the phone is lost.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Use Do Not Disturb Galaxy S5 Blocking Mode

If you don’t want to be disturbed by calls and texts at night you can turn on Blocking Mode. This is essentially Do Not Disturb for the Galaxy S5.

To get started go to Settings -> Blocking Mode -> pick the times you want it to automatically turn on, what it should block and who it should let through.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Super Charge the Galaxy S5 Keyboard

The keyboard is where you’ll find a few tricks and at least one Galaxy S5 hidden feature that will help you type faster and more accurately.

Learn how to link up with social media and gmail for better auto correction that is personalized. You can swipe to type and set up shortcuts for faster typing and much more on the Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Send Help Messages When in Trouble

If you are walking alone at night or get into a sketchy situation you can trigger an SOS from the Galaxy S5 with three quick pushes of the power button. Once this is triggered the phone will start sending your location, photos and videos to primary contacts you select.

It is important to remember that this is not a direct line to police, and while you should test it out ahead of time don’t use it as a prank or you’ll risk being the boy who cried wolf.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Make the Galaxy S5 Display Look Better in Any Situation

The Samsung Galaxy S5 display features an Adapt Display mode that automatically picks the best settings for the display based on what you are doing and the external environment.

This will automatically switch between Dynamic, Standard, Professional Photo and Cinema. Users can also pick a mode like Professional photo to see colors accurately or Cinema for watching a movie in a dark room.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Get an Alert When a Baby is Crying

The Samsung Galaxy S5 can alert users when a baby is crying. This is an accessibility feature aimed at users who might not otherwise hear a child. With this setting on users can get a vibration alert and a flash alert.
Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Hearing -> Crying baby detector. Turn it on to get started and press the Play button to start listening.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Use the Galaxy S5 Toolbox for Shortcuts

If you want fast access to five Galaxy S5 apps you can use the Toolbox. This small widget floats on top of other apps and lets you quickly jump to five apps that you choose.

You can access the Toolbox from the Quick Settings and customize the apps by long pressing and dragging to the upper left side of the display.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Smart Sound on for Better Audio

You can turn on Adapt sound to get better sounding phone calls on the Galaxy S5, which can also combine with noise reduction to deliver a better phone call experience.

Go to Settings -> Sound -> Call -> Personalize call sound. Pick Adapt Sound for an automatic mode or sot or clear if one of those sounds better.

With Adapt sound you’ll place headphones on and listen to some tones to tune the Galaxy S5 to your hearing. The process takes a few minutes.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - How to enable 7.1 virtual surround sound and reverb

There are lots of ever-so-slighty hidden audio extras to be found in the Galaxy S5’s music player app, including virtual surround sound, valve simulation and room reverb.

You’ll find these settings in the Sound Alive menu found in the Settings menu of the Samsung music player app. The effects section is down at the bottom below the EQ.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Customize Home Screen & My Magazine

The Samsung Galaxy S5 home screen is customizable with wallpapers, widgets and more screens, but that’s not all. To the left of the home screen is My Magazine, a customizable magazine of updating news and info that you can quickly access. If you want to add widgets, long press on the multitasking button to the left of the home button and home screen settings will show up. You can quickly change the wallpaper and add widgets or tap for more settings.

Tap on the Home screen settings to pick the transition effect, which allows you to choose no transition, a card stack or 3D rotation. This changes the animation you see when you switch between home screens. You can also turn My Magazine off from this menu.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Enabling developer mode

If you’re a real Android geek, you’ll want to check out Developer Mode. This is an extra menu of settings within the main Settings menu that gives you much deeper control over how the system works. Stay away if you’re a novice, though, as you could mess up your phone.

To turn on Developer Mode, go to Settings and tap the About Device entry under the System tab. In this menu there’s an entry called Build Number. Tap it seven times to turn the mode on.

After this, you’ll see a new Developer Options icon in the System tab of Settings.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and tricks - Changing the runtime system from Dalvik to ART

One of the most interesting changes you can make in the Developer Options menu is to change the runtime system to ART, from DALVIK. This changes the way your Galaxy S5 runs apps, making it compile the necessary machine code on install rather than on running an app. It makes the system run more quickly.

However, it does use a little more internal storage, and upon changing the runtime type, your Galaxy S5 will spend an age recompiling all your installed apps. It’s worth checking out if you find your phone running a little slowly, though.


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