26 October 2014

Dell: We can do things with Android we can’t with Windows

The mobile OS race is usually a case of iOS vs Android, but with some manufacturers still backing Microsoft there is a third challenger to the tablet crown, at least for now.

Despite the likes of the Surface Pro 3 and Nokia Lumia 2520, Windows is on the wane in the tablet space.


Dell, a former giant of the PC market, has a couple tablets running Microsoft’s finest OS, but says Android offers a broader range of options.

The company has claimed there are things it can do with Android which just aren’t possible with Windows.

“We can do things with Android at the moment that we can’t do with Windows,” Adam Griffin, Dell’s Global Senior Tablet Product Manager said.

Although singing the praises of the Google OS, Griffin has revealed Dell has no plans on turning its back on Windows just yet.

“We work with partners that our customers want,” he said.

“Whether it’s working with Windows or Android, we will offer both solutions.

“It’s all about choice, and again Dell offer you choice.”

With Windows currently the enterprise tool of choice, Griffin also hinted at the possibility of targeting businesses with future Android tablets.

Dell has three tablets on offer right now. There’s the 8-inch Dell Venue 8 Pro, and the 10.8-inch Dell Venue 11 Pro, both of which run on Windows.

Dell also sells an 8-inch Android tablet dubbed the Dell Venue 8.

The electronics manufacturer just announced the results of a survey that says 9/10 businesses now make use of tablets.

The survey also revealed that UK businesses manage to squeeze out a bonus 20 per cent productivity from their employees if they’re using tablets.

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