22 October 2014

First iOS 8 jailbreak now available for iPhone and iPad

A jailbreak tool has been released for iOS 8 just over a month after Apple’s latest OS was first officially launched.

The new software comes courtesy of Chinese tinkerers Team Pangu, and is the first jailbreak for the iOS 8.

iOS 8

The jailbreak gives anyone with the latest iOS software root admin access to their smartphone, circumcenting Apple’s standard user restrictions.

Pangu says its jailbreak will work fine on both iOS 8 and the newly released iOS 8.1 update.

The jailbreaker team also recommends backing up your device before you take the root access leap, just in case something goes wrong and causes data loss.

Many users are complaining that the jailbreak has come too early, since Cydia software and English language are not currently available.

Pangu may have rushed out the jailbreak tool to be remembered as the first hackers to crack the software.

It took Team Evasi0n around three months to jailbreak Apple’s iOS 7 last year, although it launched with a much more solid build.

It’s also worth noting that Apple warns against jailbreaking iPhone devices, and says that a jailbroken phone will have a void warranty in some locations.

There’s also a risk of software vulnerabilities, and the possibility of a shortened battery life.

Apple’s iOS 8 landed with a raft of newly released products, including the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus, the iPad Air 2, and the iPad Mini 3.

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