15 October 2014

Google channels Android L name rumours in new 'casting call' teaser

Google appears to be enjoying the speculation surrounding the name of its latest Android version, judging by a teaser video posted on Tuesday night.

Android L teaser

With the first Android L devices scheduled to launch on Wednesday October 15, Google has posted a ‘casting call’ clip featuring some of the major contenders for the role.

There’s a Ladyfinger, a Lemon Meringue Pie, a Lava Cake and Lemon Drop. So is one of these the chosen confectionery item?

Well the video would suggest not. All of the contenders look nervously towards a door labelled “5.0 - Casting in Progress.”

Conspicuous by its absence is Lollipop, the longtime favourite to replace KitKat. Could it be the sweet behind the new version of Android?

Interestingly there’s also a brief clip of a lady wearing a Licorice Allsorts sweater. Could this be a hint from Google regarding the late dark horse?

Is the name speculation becoming starting to surpass the feature list? Perhaps we’ll know more tomorrow when Google will, by all accounts, reveal the new Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 devices both running Android L.

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