30 October 2014

Halloween themed Android apps

It’s Halloween season! Kids are out trick-or-treating, people are dressing up, and parties are being had.

Halloween apps

Most of the time, Android devices aren’t used for much aside from taking pictures of your totally awesome zombie makeup or your kids not dressing up in the worst kids Halloween costume of all time. However, there is a variety of apps for Android that can help you get ready for Halloween and maybe enjoy it even more. Read on to see them!

Popcorn Horror (Free)

If you can’t get enough gory action and you crave chills and scares then you’ll love this android app. It serves up free horror shorts with a new film delivered to your app each week. There’s also a big community of horror addicts discussing the best films, a huge variety of classic horror quotes, and some creepy wallpapers, all wrapped in a stylish cinematic package. For bite-sized horror on the go you need to grab Popcorn Horror.

Halloween Horror Makeup ($1)

Trying to do your own horror Halloween makeup isn’t easy. If you want to avoid looking dangerously lame then you should check out this android app. You’ll find full instructions for classic wounds from a simple black eye to a full zombie effect. Each look is documented step-by-step with high quality photographs so you can achieve a really eye-catching laceration or a festering burn that will turn stomachs. There’s a free ad-supported version too.

Costumes for Halloween (Free)

This is a simple app to help you select a Halloween costume. Just shake it for a new suggestion. If you see something you like then you can bookmark it for later or click through to buy it directly. It will suggest costumes for the whole family including babies. You can also search for specific Halloween costumes if you like, but it’s best used for inspiration if you can’t decide on a good costume.

Haunted House HD ($2)

You can fully customize this detailed 3D wallpaper for your Android smartphone and it looks great. The scene is fully interactive so you can swipe to explore and check out a range of spooky animations. Some of the effects can even be triggered by tapping on the screen. You can customize the text, tweak the objects on display, and change a whole lot more besides.

Urban Legends (Free)

A simple interface provides access to a whole library of creepy tales. Some of them are perfect for giving your friends chills around the campfire, while others are decidedly lame and could do with a spellcheck. The idea of this android app is probably better than the execution, but there are enough spooky stories to make it worthy of a plot in your Android graveyard.

The Mask (Free)

If you get totally stuck for a Halloween costume or you just want to have some fun with the kids, this is a good android app to check out. You’ll also find two Halloween mask packs for free. They are designed so you can hold the phone in front of your face and get a spooky effect. Some of them are also animated and respond to sound.

Movies – Horror Films ($1)

Stream all the public domain horror movies you can handle along with some TV shows. This straightforward android app gives you a description, unique review, and preview image for each film in the app. These are all freely available classics, but it’s worth a buck to get them packaged together and easily streamed on your Android device. Top picks for horror addicts include Night of the Living Dead, Carnival of Souls, and House on Haunted Hill.

Scary Ringtones (Free)

Get a selection of scary Halloween sounds that can be used as your ringtone with this free android app. It’s simple to use and the sounds are organized into various categories. You can listen to each one and then simply press and hold on the ones you like and to set them as ringtones, notifications, or even alarms. You can also assign individual creepy sounds to specific contacts.

Scare Your Friends – SHOCK! (Free)

It’s an oldie, but it never fails to scare, and it’s a great laugh for everyone in on the joke. You can select a scary image, a scary sound, and then set a time limit. Hand your phone to an unsuspecting friend to play with and when the time elapses they are in for a fright. Be warned, a lot of people react by throwing the phone, so make sure you’ve got a case on it before you try this one or it could end up being an expensive prank.

GhostCam: Spirit Photography (Free)

You can create some haunting effects with this clever camera app which lets you add ghostly apparitions to your photographs to scare your friends. There’s a bit of learning curve here, but the range of features is impressive and it’s a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. You’ll find some familiar horror characters alongside generic ghouls and effects.

Halloween HD Wallpapers (Free)

It would be downright irresponsible to have a list like this without including an app that gives you some good wallpapers. Halloween HD Wallpapers was the best that we could find. It includes 40 HD wallpapers that look good and will add some seasonal charm to your device. It’s free and it’s HD and that’s about as much as you can ask out of a wallpapers app.

Halloween Planner ($0.99)

It’s apropos for holidays like this to have a lot of plans on top of your regular schedule. With that in mind, we’ve included an app called Halloween Planner that can help you quickly plan out your Halloween without clogging up your other apps. It’s a buck in the Play Store. In most cases, your regular app for scheduling things will do, but if you can have one that’s Halloween themed, why not try it?

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  1. My children actually talked me into getting an updated smartphone and I do like the camera feature. Now they are are getting older, you have to sneak in a few photos of them in Halloween costumes - it's easy when you are holding a smartphone.


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