4 February 2014

Flow Free: Bridges - Android Game Review

With the puzzle games market seemingly filled to the brim with cartoon animals, improbable projectiles, dodgy physics engines and revamps of classics, you may find yourselves wanting a slightly calmer, simpler choice.

If so, you’ll be happy to know that the premise of Flow Free couldn’t get much simpler. Fill your grid by joining together dots of the same colour using a single path. Overlapping paths will cause them to break unless you carefully utilize the bridge in the position given to you.

The two modes provided are Free Play and Time Trial, both self-explanatory. In all likelihood, you will probably spend more time using the latter, seeing that Free Play gets rather homogeneous quickly once you get the hang of doing levels.

I get the impression that much effort has been put into tweaking the little things to improve the overall product. The graphic design is crisp and attractive, avoiding any unnecessary frills which would distract from the gameplay, which is itself as smooth and as slick as you’d like it to be. No buzzing, no annoying vibrations when you draw a path, no aliens or kung-fu masters which pop-up to congratulate you upon completing a level. Minimalist, efficient and effective.

The speed of the game varies with the grid size, with 5×5 to 7×7 ones offering a quickfire approach while larger grids require a good deal of forethought before execution, a more old-fashioned type of puzzle solving perhaps. Of course, whichever style you find more appealing is purely down to you, and this is credit to the subtle variety of the game.

I’ve always thought that the sign of a good puzzle game is that nothing feels wasted. The level design is intricate yet concise and clean, and completing it feels satisfying because of that. Like all puzzle games of course, the idea either clicks with you or it doesn’t, but with Flow Free having such a simple and accessible concept, I see no reason not to install it and give it a quick try.

Rating: 4/5

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