4 February 2014

Roll Mania – puzzle platformer - Android Game Review

As a fan of round objects this game definitely gave me a positive impression and only until I play this game did I find that it’s full of it! With wheels and barrels to watermelons and eggs! (Eggs are oval, but they’re still considered round right?)

The Main Concept

This is a physic engine based game where you as the player will control a selection of round object to accelerate left or right in a 2D platform map to reach to the designated exit whilst going through challenging obstacles. The score on completing the level is represented by 3 stars you get each for completing each specific criteria of that level.

Your selection of round objects is your primary and only variable at your disposal. Knowing the different properties or each is the key to finding your way around the 2D platform map; which I personally really loved. Furthermore when they introduced edible items such as Watermelons and eggplants I absolutely adored the fact that they will break on impact giving the game that extra bit of realism.

You get a selection of 3 different types of round objects for you to use, and within the time limit you must reach the green exit, changing between different round objects happens instantly with a puff of smoke (reminded me of ninjas transforming into a log.) and during this transaction you lose the properties of the previous object in return for the properties of the new object. One of the tricks is when you try to land on small platforms where you accelerate fast with a wheel then switch to a beach ball where there is more air resistant due to a larger surface area that makes it easier to control during a leap.

4/5 Rating: It’s satisfying

It is one of those light weight puzzle games that brings a satisfactory grin to your face once you complete one of the 45 levels of the game, and there is certainly more to come! For a free game not only do you play with virtual food you also fiddle with the properties of different objects including a wheel, barrel, bowling ball, beach ball, bouncy ball and possibly plenty more to come and it’s not fraustrating when you don’t complete a level since the level simply restarts instantly the moment you are no longer able to continue, no constant pressing of replay button every time you die which I prefer. With clean simple graphics and being well polished I can’t flaw this game, but it isn’t the best one I’ve experienced in the category of physic engine puzzles so I’ll deduct a single point.

If you commute by a bus then rolling objects in a game might make your morning a little more enjoyable. So try it!

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