21 October 2014

Google Play Music adds smarter suggestions with Songza

Google has revamped its Play Music streaming service by integrating the recently-purchased playlist recommendations service Songza.

Google Play Music

The new version of the subscription streaming service, which also adds Google’s Material Design language, now allows contextual suggestions based on the current moods and situations.

The app will pick out curated playlists based on the time of day, the weather, activities like driving to work or chilling out after work, the day of the week and much more.

It will also allow users to choose from a host of pre-set categories based around moods or random activities like sitting on the back porch.

Paying subscribers can stream the offbeat stations directly from the app or Play Music website, download them for offline listening on mobile, add or remove tracks or start a brand new station based around any song featuring within the playlist.

The Songza integration comes during a newsworthy weak in the world of music streaming after Spotify added a family plan allowing families to add an additional premium subscription for half price at £5 a month.

Reports on Monday also claimed Apple may halve the price of its Beats Music service in order to boost adoption.

Google has been on the periphery of the sector for some time thanks to a somewhat confusion and muddled offering, but perhaps Songza’s intuitive and quirky playlists can inject some life into the Play Music offering.

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