21 October 2014

Microsoft officially dumps Nokia in favour of Lumia

Microsoft is set to officially drop the Nokia brand in favour of Microsoft Lumia. The move has been expected for a while, with internal documents leaked last month explaining that the Redmond company would be ditching references to both Nokia and Windows Phone.

Nokia Lumia

Now Microsoft has confirmed to The Verge that the change is official. This means that in future there will be no Nokia Lumia handset, but instead Microsoft Lumia.

Nokia France will be the first region to change to Microsoft Lumia, which will be reflected on its Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts.

Nokia won't completely disappear, with the Finnish company continuing to focus on mapping and network infrastructure. Just don't expect to see 'Nokia' printed on any new handsets.

What about Windows Phone?

While Microsoft confirmed it's dumping the Nokia brand, it didn't shed any further light on the future of Windows Phone.

In the same leaked documents that suggested Microsoft would be ditching the Nokia brand it was also hinted that the 'Windows Phone' brand would be dropped. But we'll just have to wait and find out.

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