28 September 2014

LG G3 Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features

The LG G3 is a smartphone of many abilities. Under the guise of its simple, approachable interface lie many customization options and functionalities that can make it possible for many of you to enjoy LG's flagship the way it comes out of the box – no rooting and custom roms necessary!

LG G3 Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features

Here, we've rounded up some tips, tricks and hidden features to help you get to know LG's most powerful smartphone ever like the back of your hand.

LG G3 Easy Mode

The LG G3 offers an easy mode that makes the G3 easier to use if it is your first smartphone. This puts a dialer front and center and links to common apps and activities as the home screen so you don’t ever need to look for the basic LG G3 features.

This also makes the LG G3 text bigger all through the LG apps and system, so that it is easier to read the device. LG aims this option at older users that may want a simpler layout and easier to read fonts.

Go to Settings-> Home Screen -> Select Home -> EasyHome. From here you can go the home screen and swipe to the side to add other shortcuts.

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Unlock with a Knock Code

One of our favorite LG G3 tips is to use the knock code to keep your phone secure and to access the phone when you need to unlock it. instead of swiping or entering a passcode you tap or knock on the screen in a specific pattern to unlock the LG G3. This even works if the screen is off. Just pick up the LG G3 or take it out of your pocket and use your knock code to unlock right to the home screen without touching the power button.

Go to Settings -> Lock screen -> Select screen lock -> Knock Code. Enter the Knock Code twice and then enter a backup PIN as well. After this is complete you can easily unlock the phone without turning the screen on first.

If you have trouble using the LG G3 Knock Code when the screen is off knock firmly and make sure you are in the right areas of the screen.

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Turn Smart Bulletin On or Off

Don't fancy the LG Smart Bulletin occupying a full home-screen with its health and tips? Head to Settings-> Display -> Home screen, and tap the 'Smart Bulletin' switch On or Off. Simple, just like LG wanted it.

Take Full Resolution Photos

By default the LG G3 camera only takes 10MP photos, but you can quickly change it to take full resolution photos that deliver more detail. This is a great idea if you plan to print your photos or want to show them off on a big screen after you edit and crop them.

Open the camera app -> tap on the three dots in the corner then on the Settings cog -> Tap on the W10M and choose 13M instead.

You’ll notice the photo no longer covers the full screen, but you are getting a better quality photo overall.

This lets you use the full power of the LG G3 camera. You can also switch to UHD video quality if you want a higher resolution video to share online or watch on a new UHD TV.

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Use the LG G3 One-Handed

The LG G3 features a large 5.5-inch display, that may be too big for some users to control with one hand. Although there is not a full screen shift option like on the Galaxy S5, LG does offer a LG G3 one-handed mode that lets users easily use the phone, lock screen and keyboard with one hand.

Go to Settings -> One-handed operation -> Check the boxes for the one-hand modes you want to use.

You can switch between right or left-hand use as you go. This option is not for everyone, but if you find the LG G3 to big it’s very handy.

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Better LG G3 Battery Life

If you need to get better LG G3 battery life you can turn on Battery Saver. This built-in option limits syncing and other features to help the LG G3 battery last longer.

Go to Settings -> Battery -> Batter Saver to turn it on. Tap on the Battery Saver on the left and you can access the various settings it controls. You can also turn it on and set it to automatically turn on at 50% to 10% battery left, or immediately if you need it now.

If this is not enough you can also try the Snapdragon BatteryGuru app to get better LG G3 battery life. This free app optimizes usage based on how you use the G3 to help limit apps that you don’t need and make your battery last longer.

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Fast Access to Google Now

If you want to open Google Now on the LG G3 you can swipe up from the home button and launch into the app immediately. If you are on the main LG G3 Home screen you can also say OK Google to start a Google search without first opening Google Now.

There is no setup for this, just tap and swipe up on the LG G3 home button to get there.

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Change the LG G3 Buttons

You can change the LG G3 buttons that appear at the bottom of the screen to add new options and to change the background color to fit your mood and theme.

Go to Settings -> Display -> Home Touch Buttons -> and add new options. You can add Notifications, QuickMemo, Qslide and Dual Window.

You can also rearrange the icons, adding up to a total of five buttons instead of the normal three on other Android phones.

Enable triple-tap zoom

This trick lets you zoom into every part of the LG G3's screen by making a quick triple-tap in it. You can activate it by going into Settings, General, Accessibility and turning on 'Touch Zoom'. In certain cases, the triple-tap gesture might overlap with regular usage if you start tapping too quickly in a single area.

Track Steps with the LG G3

The LG G3 uses a sensor to track your steps so that you don’t need to buy a fitness band or separate app to monitor your activity. You turn this on by swiping to the screen left of the main home screen.

After you open the app you can start tracking your steps and exercise that the G3 automatically records as you carry it in your pocket.

Change LG G3 Vibration

If the LG G3 vibrates too much or too little for phone calls, text messages or even using the home buttons you can change this for each of these settings individually.

Go to Settings -> Sound -> Vibrate Strength -> Adjust the slider to change the vibration intensity for calls, notifications or touch.

Take a LG G3 Screenshot

If you want to take a screenshot on the LG G3 you can use the power and volume down button on the back of the G3, but there’s an easier way that also lets you annotate your screenshot.

Tap on the home button and slide up and to the right to the QuickMemo+ option. This takes a screenshot and opens it up in an app that lets you type a note, draw on the screen and then save or share the result.

Use the LG G3 as a Credit Card or Wallet

You can install Google Wallet on the LG G3 and use the phone to make payments where NFC purchases are possible. this includes many gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and even vending machines. You cannot use this at every store, but even in Ohio it is accepted in many places.

Download Google Wallet, open the app and sign in. Follow the directions to add your debit or credit cards to the account and set Google Wallet as your default Tap & Pay Solution. If it is not already on you need to turn NFC on by going to Settings -> Share & connect -> NFC -> On. You can also go to Tap & pay settings and choose Google Wallet.

LG G3 Camera Shortcut

If you need to open the LG G3 camera fast so you don’t miss a perfect photo you can use a LG G3 camera shortcut key. Press and hold the volume down button to open the camera when the screen is off or when the lock screen is showing.

You’ll feel a small vibration and then the camera app will open to the last mode you left it in and you can start taking photos.

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Open QuickMemo Fast

If you use the included LG G3 app QuickMemo+ you can open it fast by tapping and holding on the volume up button. After a second the QuickMemo+ app will open so you can start taking a note. This works when the LG G3 is locked and works with the screen off or on the lock screen.

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Use the LG G3 as a Remote Control

There is an IR blaster on the top of the LG G3 and a remote control app that lets you control your HDTV, cable box and other home theater equipment.

Go to Apps -> Quick Remote -> Pick a room -> Tap on + -> Add a remote control. Repeat as needed for other remotes and rooms. The app cycles through codes based on the TV brand.

This is an awesome way to make sure you are always in control of the TV.

Use LG G3 Voice Assistant

The LG G3 personal assistant Voice Mate is LG’s Siri or Google Now tool that lets users control the phone with their Voice. Tap and hold on the home button and then swipe up to the left to access Voice Mate.

You can ask Voice Mate to make calls, check your calendar, look up contacts, search nearby, search the web or answer facts and much more. Tap on the I on the screen to see what all Voice mate can do.

It’s not as easy to access as Siri on the iPhone, but it is a handy personal assistant.

Clean Up Apps & Storage

After you use the LG G3 for a few months you’ll end up with downloaded files you don’t need and apps you haven’t use for a month. The LG G3 includes a Smart Cleaning feature to clear these out and recover your space.

Go to Settings -> Smart Cleaning -> Wait for the scan to complete -> tap on an item and then clean it out if you don’t want it. This is much nicer than looking for temporary downloads an unused apps when you run out of space.

Answer a Call with Volume Buttons

If you prefer to answer a phone call by touch, you can use the physical buttons on the back of the LG G3.

Just reach behind and press the volume buttons at the same time to answer a call. To turn this on you need to turn the LG G3 off -> turn it on by holding the volume up, volume down and power buttons at the same time for six seconds. Then choose Mode ON.

Reject a Call with the Power Button

If you don’t want to talk to someone you can press the power button to reject the call. This will end the call and send the caller to voicemail. You need to go to Settings -> Phone -> Power Key end Call -> On to make this work.

Add Storage to the LG G3

If you need more storage on the LG G3 you can add a MicroSD card inside the LG G3 to add a lot more room for photos and movies.

You need to buy a MicroSD card. You can typically buy a 32GB card for under $20, doubling the LG G3 storage.

When it arrives, remove the back of the phone, stick it in the open area above the battery opening and turn the phone back on to start using it.

Use a Xbox Controller with the LG G3

If you want to play games on the LG G3 and really use that beautiful display you can connect an Xbox 360 controller to it to play games.

You’ll need a wired Xbox 360 controller, a USB OTG cable and some of the many Android games that support controllers. Juts plug the USB OTG cable into the Micro USB port, plug the Xbox controller into the other end and you can start gaming without any other apps or hacks needed.

Connect a USB Drive to the LG G3

If you need more storage and want to quickly grab something from a computer you can use the same $2 USB OTG cable to connect a USB thumb drive to your LG G3.

Plug the cable in, connect any thumb drive and then go to the File Manager or download ES File Explorer, and you can now view files on the drive or copy and past to or from the USB drive.

Connect a SD Card to the LG G3 from Your Camera

If you want to connect a full size SD card to the LG G3 to show off your DLSR photos on a beautiful display or instantly share them on Facebook, you can use the same USB OTG cable and a USB to SD card adapter to make this work.

Connect the USB OTG cable to the LG G3, the SD card adapter to that and then plug-in your SD card and check out your photos and videos on the amazing LG G3 display.

Turn off the LG G3 LED

If you don’t like the notification LED distracting you during the day or lighting up your bedroom at night you can turn it off in the settings.

Go to Settings -> Disply -> Notification light -> Off.

If you just want to limit why it is on you can tap on the left part of this option to see more settings and turn it off for certain events like calls, battery charging and more.

Enable “universal touch” gesture control

The “universal touch” gesture control places a floating button on your screen. Press it and it provides a black 'bubble' full of large-sized shortcuts, which can be accessed from anywhere. Even cooler is the ability to actually DRAW inside the bubble and call up phone functions! Draw a C for Calls, M for Message, W for Web, S for Settings, and L for the lock-screen.

Customize LG G3 App Icons and Size

You can change the LG G3 app icons to match a theme you are using or even your own photos. You can also make the icons bigger on the screen.

Tap and hold on an icon until it is ready to move, then tap on the small paintbrush that shows up. You can then pick a new icon from the default ones or tap on the + new option to pick the size you want and then one of your photos to use as an icon.

This is a cool way to customize the LG G3 home screen.

LG G3 Home Screen Gestures

When you are on the LG G3 home screen you can use gestures to see your entire home screen without apps, to see your pages and quickly navigate between them.

To see the home screen without apps in the way, swipe out. The only thing this really does is let you look at your background photo without any clutter. This is handy if you keep a family photo as your wallpaper or something similar.

If you swipe together you go back to the apps showing and again to see all of your pages to jump to another page of apps quickly. This is handier if you have a lot of home screens.

Use & Customize LG G3 Quick Settings

You can access many of the most important LG G3 settings in the notification window under the quick settings area. This is a single row of icons that users can scroll right to left on for access to more quick settings.

You can scroll all the way to the right to customize this list. Uncheck the items you don’t use and re-order the LG G3 quick settings so the ones you need most are available as soon as you pull Notification Window down.

Use the LG G3 as a Personal Hotspot

If you need to connect your laptop, tablet or portable game system to the internet you can turn the LG G3 into a hotspot and connect other devices. You can use the mobile hotspot quick-setting or go to Settings -> More -> Mobile Hotspot -> Set Up. From here you can set the name and password for your hotspot.

make sure you use a password or someone will likely use all your data.

You can then turn it on from the previous screen, allowing other devices to see it. When you find the device connect from your tablet or laptop to0 get internet access just like you would any other WiFi spot. You’ll need a hotspot plan, so you may need to contact your carrier to add one.

Type With Your Voice on the LG G3

If you want to type with your voice instead of using the LG G3 keyboard tips above, you can tap on the small microphone icon on the keyboard to use Google’s speech to text option.

After you tap, just start talking and your speech will turn into text. You can say period or comma to add punctuation. You will likely need to go back and fix some issues on longer items, but this is more then good enough for texts and short emails.

Use LG G3 Emoji Keyboard

If you want to send emoji on the LG G3 you can use the built-in keyboard to use these colorful icons that do more than just a regular smilies.

When the keyboard is up, tap the :)1# icon in the bottom left. Then tap the smile icon to access the LG G3 emoji keyboard. You can now pick the category you want to use and send them to friends.

Do Not Disturb on LG G3

If you want to keep the LG G3 quiet while you are in a meeting or sleeping you can use LG’s version of Do Not Disturb. LG calls this Quiet mode.

Go to Settings -> Sound -> Quiet mode -> On. You can also tap on the left side of this for options that let you customize what you are blocking, what time it is on, what sounds to allow and other options to block including the notification light.

Keep Screen Awake When You’re Looking

When you are looking at the LG G3 there is a Smart screen option to let you keep the display on as long as it can tell you are looking at it. This is handy for passing the phone to someone who wants to read something you found or who spends a long time looking at one photo.

Go to Settings -> Display -> Smart screen -> on. When you are looking at the display directly it will now stay on.

Multitask with Dual-Window

Staying true to its phablet colors, the LG G3 lets you use two apps in the same time with its Dual-Window functionality. Harness it by tapping and holding the 'Back' on-screen navigation key, or through the button in the task switching menu. Tap on the upper or lower side of the screen to choose which side the window goes to, then tap the app icons, or drag them up or down.

Enable automatic Dual-Window

The LG G3 can automatically activate the Dual-Window view when you tap a link in full screen or tap an e-mail attachment. To toggle this option, go to Settings, General, tap 'Dual window' and check 'Split view'.

Qslide to Multitask on the LG G3

If you don’t want to use two apps at the same time, sharing the screen you can float another app on top of any app you are using for fast access to information. This is called Qslide. The easiest way to use it is to pull down the notification drawer and tap on Qslide.

This opens a menu that allows users to open the Video, Phone, Messaging, Calendar and Email apps and show them on top of another item. This is handy if you want to check your calendar while also looking at an event list or other items where you just need a quick comparison or access to something like the phone.

Find a Lost LG G3

If you tend to leave your LG G3 behind after grabbing coffee, lose it in the couch too often or are just worried that someone might steal your LG G3 you need to make sure Android Device Manager is up and running.

When I logged in to the Verizon LG G3 this feature was already on by default so I didn’t need to actually turn it on, but you should go online to make sure you can locate your LG G3 before you lose it. Go to Android Device Manager and log in with your Gmail account. Make sure you can see the LG G3 and try ringing it. If it rings you are good to go.

You can now ring at full volume to find a lost LG G3 even if it is on silent, lock the device, erase it and locate it on a map.

Announce Callers and texts By Name

Many old flip phones could read the caller name and information out to you when it rang, and that is something the LG G3 can do as well. You can even set it up to read out text message recipients and the full text message if you don’t care who hears.

To do this, go to Settings -> Sound ->Message/call voice notification -> turn it on. You can then tap on the left part of the option to choose what is read out.

When you get a call the ringtone will play and then it will announce the caller name from your contacts.

Change the Screen Off Animation

If you don’t like the old-fashioned TV turning off animation that the LG G3 plays when you turn the screen off you can change it to two other options.

Go to Settings -> Display -> Screen-off effect -> Pick a new one. You can hit preview to see the Black hole and Fade out animations before picking one.

Change the Font and Size of Text

If you need the LG G3 text to be bigger or you want a different font throughout the phone you can pick from five additional fonts and five other text sizes.

Go to Settings -> Display -> Font type or Font Size -> Pick different options.

Many of the Font styles are odd-looking on a phone, but if you want to add some character to your LG G3 here’s one way to do it. You can also push the text size way up if you have a tough time reading on a small screen.

Customize the LG G3 Home Screen

Customize the LG G3 home screen to suite your preferences and make the LG G3 easier for you to use. In addition to changing the wallpaper in the Settings -> Home Screen menu you can do much more.
  • Screen Swipe Effect – change the animation when you switch screens.
  • Allow Home screen looping – you can keep swiping to loop around to the other end of your home screens.
  • Allow apps list looping – Loop through the apps list when you hit the end.
Change these to fit your preference and enjoy a customized LG G3 home screen.

Show Widgets on the LG G3 Lock Screen

The LG G3 lock screen can show widgets with your calendar, messages and more if you want faster access to that information. These are like the widgets on your home screen, but there are not as many.

Go to Settings -> Lock screen -> Widgets on lock screen -> On. Next go to your lock screen and swipe to see the left screen. You need to do this at the top of the display area, above the knock code area. Then tap on Add Widgets to start adding them to your LG G3 lock screen.

Use Gestures on the LG G3

The LG G3 supports gestures to control a variety of activities. Here is how to run on Gesture Control on the LG G3 and a short list of what you can control. Go to Settings -> Gestures -> Check boxes of the motions you want to use.
  • Answer a call
  • Fade a ringtone
  • Silence a call
  • Snooze or stop alarm
  • Pause Video
You can flip the phone or pick it up to use these LG G3 gestures. If they don’t work at first, you may need to calibrate the motion sensor at the bottom of this section.

LG G3 Guest Mode

When you need to hand the LG G3 off to a colleague or to a kid you can turn Guest Mode on to limit access to certain apps and services. Go to Setting s-> Guest Mode -> On. You can also choose four apps they can use, a wallpaper and an alternate lock screen for the guest.

Calls and alarms will still sound when in guest Mode, but some apps may not function correctly so keep that in mind before relying on it.

LG G3 PC Suite

You can download the free LG G3 PC Suite to backup and restore a LG G3 and much more. You’ll need to visit LG to download the LG G3 PC Suite. Once downloaded you can connect with a USB cable to perform the following activities.
  • Manage and play your media contents (music, movie, pictures) on your PC.
  • Send multimedia contents to your device.
  • Synchronizes data (schedules, contacts, bookmarks) in your device and PC.
  • Backup the applications in your device.
  • Update the software in your device.
  • Backup and restore the device.
  • Play multimedia contents of your PC from other device
LG only shows a Windows download right now, but the LG G3 manual talks about a Mac version that should be available on the US LG website.

Turn on LG G3 Developer Mode

If you want access to all of the LG G3 including the LG G3 hidden menus for developers you’ll need to enable developer mode. You don’t need to root the device to do this, but if you do plan to root or install other items you’ll want this on.

Go to Settings -> About Phone -> Software information -> Tap on Build-number seven times to enable developer mode on the LG G3.

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